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Distinctive Probate And Estate Planning

Linda Urso assists clients with all types of estate planning. We work to ensure that all our clients’ wishes are respected and their interests are protected.

We work with our clients to prepare wills and assign beneficiary designations. We can also help with other important steps, like providing for whether and what types of medical treatments our clients want in the future, and who should make decisions for our clients if they are unable to act in their own interests.

Estate Planning Is More Important Than You May Realize

Estate planning can help you communicate your wishes and prevent your family from having to make decisions on your behalf before they are ready. If you already have an estate plan but have recently experienced the death of your spouse, a divorce, a new marriage or the birth or adoption of a child, you may want to update your existing estate plan. We can help you.

If you have questions about probating your loved one’s estate in Rhode Island, we are here for you. Contact Urso | Liguori | Micklich, Attorneys at Law, at 401-596-7751 for an appointment with an experienced, thoughtful lawyer.