Our foundation is deep, so it is not restrictive.
It has allowed us to expand our practice to benefit our clients’ strategic, technological, and business needs.

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About Our Practice

At Urso | Liguori | Micklich, Attorneys at Law, in Westerly, you will find attorneys who know the law and enjoy helping clients find solutions for their concerns. If your legal issue involves matters related to business law, franchises, real estate law, construction, land use, environmental issues, municipal matters, or probate and trust law, you have come to the right place.

We have authoritative knowledge in many types of business environments, state and local government law, trusts, estate planning and real estate. Our attorneys draw from their in-depth experience to guide, counsel and represent you efficiently through the legal system. You have many options for approaching solutions. We will help you make informed choices. Read more about our attorneys’ professional backgrounds by following the links here:

We Shape Our Legal Advocacy To Meet Your Legal Needs

Some may feel that they can resolve their legal issue on their own by consulting various websites. While the internet is a vast resource of information, there are many pitfalls to this type of reasoning. Primarily, the first problem with this route is that it may take you longer to get to the resolution of your matter than if you consult with and hire an experienced lawyer. Your time is valuable, and we honor that with prompt responses and effective strategies. The second problem is that information you glean from the internet is not legal advice or legal representation. There is no substitute to working with a trusted attorney – who stays up to date with changes in legislation, administrative policies and case law – from beginning to end. We can help you anticipate potential obstructions to achieving your goals.

Put Our Experience To Work In Your Favor

Our attorneys have a well-established tradition of building long-term relationships with our clients, legal peers and our community. We take satisfaction in identifying the pieces of the puzzle and then fitting them into place with you. To schedule a consultation, please reach out to us through our secure website or call our office in Westerly at 401-596-7751.