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Some construction projects benefit from design-build agreements

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Construction Law

Pre-construction meetings, goal setting, and design-build agreements can minimize confusion and the effects of future problems on some construction projects.

As a property owner or developer taking the time pre-construction – and pre-contract – to outline the details of your plans is a valuable idea. Your initial plans might contain problems that could surface after construction begins.  In design-build pre-construction you may also obtain professional feedback that could justify changes to your original ideas. Early modifications to your designs could prevent later delays and unexepcted costs.

Negotiating construction elements and time frames in a design-bid-build format

During the early planning phase, you may negotiate construction elements to fit within your timeframe and budget. The design-build method could provide great value. You may negotiate and discuss step-by-step costs before committing to a full construction schedule.

Addressing critical issues in design-build contracts

You may also use the design-build model to discuss the more complex elements that could lead to construction delays. By addressing critical details in advance, you may spot flaws in your designs. As noted by ConstructionDive.com, the design-bid-build approach offers a way to reduce change orders and surprises.

An effective design-build agreement requires a team effort. The pre-bid input from one or more of the involved parties could have a significant effect on the project’s progress and outcome. A well-planned agreement could outline desired goals and timeframes. The agreement may also provide remedies if a project falls behind.

Talk to your construction team, including your lawyer, early in construction planning about the possible use of a design-build agreement.